The Prodigal God – Luke 15
25 February 2023

The Prodigal God – Luke 15


It has really been great to have so many people coming to our Church services and also to have so many new people coming along to Church as well! This gives us all a great opportunity to connect with someone we don't know or who hasn't come to church for a while. Please try and do this.

Also if you are a regular you might try and sit more towards the front! I am sure you have a spot currently that you like but with 167 people in church last Sunday, there are still plenty of spots down the front and almost nothing down the back. So one way we can show love for one another is to provide space for newcomers (who definitely don't want to sit up the front) or for those who come in late.

Looking forward to worshipping with you this Sunday.

Your brother in Christ,


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