The Good Life or the God Life? – Luke 12:13-21
18 February 2023

The Good Life or the God Life? – Luke 12:13-21


As we continue to look at Jesus' parables - tales with a twist - we come to Luke 12 where Jesus asks us do we want to live the good life or the God life? We are increasingly in an environment where our society holds before us an alternative vision of the good life. It involves materialism, sexual expression, freedom and so much more. But to follow that way of life (according to Jesus) is foolish. Instead, we should aim to be rich toward God.

How do we do? Well, come along today to find out. In fact, spending time with God and His people is part of the richness that God promises to give us. So we don't want to miss out on that, do we? But if we have no ability to get to Church today, here is the interactive service as the next best thing.

Your brother in Christ,


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