The Glory of God
11 July 2021

The Glory of God

Passage: Ezekiel 1:1-28

This Sunday I begin a sermon series on Ezekiel, a book that I have never preached on before nor ever heard a sermon series on (have you?) It is amazingly relevant and will greatly bless all of us who spend the time thinking through its message. I have attached my sermon series to this email. It would be great if you could read through the chapters in preparation for each Sunday

I would also like to recommend for your reading the latest copy of The Pulse, our NSW Presbyterian Magazine.

Can I please encourage everyone to pray. Pray for a supression of the COVID cases, wisdom for our leaders, for our Church and and especially for those who can't make it on a Sunday. The prayer of the righteous has a powerful effect and so our prayers can make an incredible difference at this time - if we were to be diligent in them. If you need prayer for anything in particular please let me know for we would love to pray specifically for you.

Your brother in Christ


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