A Tough Call – Ezekiel 2-3
18 July 2021

A Tough Call – Ezekiel 2-3

Passage: Ezekiel 2:1-3:15


Isn't it wonderful that we have acess to modern technology?

For the vast majority of us we will be able to continue to worship God in person at one of our four services. But some of us are concerned about the COVID situation so we are able to watch the sermon on facbook or listen to a sermon on Radio Rhema. Others are unwell so there is the option of the interactive service. Still others will be accessing a whole service by watching our night service on Livestream via Facebook. And still others are not able to access technology so they will be delivered a paper service.

So there are a number of ways where we can express our unity in Christ and where we can worship our God. But please don't take this for granted! Praise God that He has made these options available to us and be thankful for those in the Church that are working hard to enable these options to be given to each one of us.

So together, today let us all worship God!

Your brother in Christ


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