The Flesh is Weak – Matthew 26:31-75
27 March 2023

The Flesh is Weak – Matthew 26:31-75

Passage: Matthew 26:31-75


We are just two weeks away from the Easter long weekend, the high point of the Christian year. The time we stop and reflect on the death and resurrection of Christ which is the basis of our life and faith. So what better way to get ready for this important time than to slowly but surely go through the book of Matthew? To look at Jesus last days, listen to his last teaching, follow him as he walks the path to the cross (and the resurrection).


As we do that today we come to truly holy ground - the Garden of Gethsemane. Where Jesus prays for the spiritual strength to do the will of the Father. It is a great passage and warrants a long and detailed look at where Jesus gets the strength to go forward and serve the Lord, even unto death. For it is the same place we can find our spiritual strength for the tasks that God is calling us to do today. Please join us if you can for our service of worship today.


May the Lord bless you on this Lord's Day.


Your brother in Christ,



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