Straddling Two Worlds!
6 September 2020

Straddling Two Worlds!

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Passage: Titus 1

Today we begin to explore the book of Titus. Paul wrote the book of Titus for his companion. Titus was to visit Crete, infamous for its sin, and restore order to house churches there. Part of his job was to replace corrupt teachers in the churches with godly leaders.

Where would you start? The original strong leader has gone and the early drive, vitality and faithfulness of the people of the church in Crete has been overshadowed by the lies, evil and laziness of the local population. Titus has a job ahead of him. However, Paul has some good advice for Titus, to help him with the problem, and, as we work through this letter, we’ll find that it still holds true for us today.

We’ll need to consider how seriously our beliefs about God figure in the overall scheme of our lives? We’ll be reminded that our beliefs about God impact every decision we make and that a church that, through its leaders, teaches and preaches sound doctrine will see results in the lives of its people. Not only will people be saved from their sins, but God’s grace will also motivate them to live out that saving faith with renewed and purified lives.

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