Be Good!
20 September 2020

Be Good!

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Passage: Titus 3

If you heard Stephen’s sermon last week you would have heard a hint of what we’re looking at this week. Paul tells Titus that Jesus redeemed us to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good.

How eager were you to do some good deeds during this last week? It’s always interesting to reflect on the real reasons that people act the way they do. Why do we do good things? There are plenty of people around us who do good things. Are our reasons any different to theirs? There are those who do good and expect something in return. Remember Job’s friends & the bad karma they talked about. I’m guessing that they had a similar view to the good things in life. Maybe it’s because doing good increases your social network. Who has ever heard of a kind, generous person who doesn’t have a great deal of friends? It’s all about paying it forward & making others feel good or do we actually feel some innate moral responsibility? That we are all working towards becoming our ‘best possible self’ and that positive action (including kindness towards others) is crucial in increasing well-being. The Bible tells us that being good people is not enough. We need to be God’s people doing his good works. So, as Stephen takes us through Titus 3 this morning, keep your ears and your hearts open, as we learn the real reasons for doing good this week.

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