18 October 2020


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Passage: Micah 3-4
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This week we continue our series on Micah, and it's all about power! the people of God were using the power given to them to feather their own nest. God wants us to use the power we have to preach the gospel.

Church Is Back

It is now over 7 months since COVID struck and we needed to provide online services. Since then we have sent a service to you via email (or snail mail) every week. And even when everyone goes back to Church we still plan to provide this option for those who are sick, self isolating or away from home.

But as a Church we want to emphasise this is the second best option. The most valuable act of worship is not done with just your family in your lounge room. It is with God's family in a public place.

So we would like to again ask you are you able to join us for public worship soon? If you have real concerns please talk to me or one of the elders about things, you will find a sympathetic ear. But if you have just got out of the habit or if you are enjoying worship in your own homes or if you are planning to come back and join us soon, please prayerfully consider coming back to us next Sunday.

Because we miss you!

Your brother in Christ


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