From Little Things
25 October 2020

From Little Things

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Passage: Micah 5

Welcome to church. You will have noticed that the NSW government increased the maximum number of people allowed in Church from 100 to 300 but kept the 4 square metre rule for social distancing. This will not affect our Church at all because under the 4 square metre rule our maximum numbers are 55 at Charlestown and 26 at Swansea. But what we are finding now is that over 95% of our people have now returned to Church, from their COVID break, which is absolutely fantastic.

Please continue to pray for those who haven't been able to come back. Maybe if you haven't seen someone for a while now is the time to give them a call after the church service this morning. As a Church, we really want to support all of our people no matter what situation they currently find themselves in.

My prayer is that you will be able to worship God in spirit and in truth through participating in our Church services this morning.

Hope to see you soon

Your brother in Christ


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