The recipe for JOY – 2 John
23 July 2023

The recipe for JOY – 2 John

Passage: 2 John 1-13


Do you want joy, real Joy? I remember as a new Christian hearing that JOY stands for Jesus first, Others second and Yourself last. There is much truth in that.

Well today we are going to look at the short letter of 2 John which begins and ends with joy. And it will give us the secret to Joy, the recipe for Joy that will help us all in a world that seems to want to suck out our joy. So please joy-n us physically at church so that we can learn about this joy and experience this joy together. But if that is not possible, then please take some time to work through our interactive service so that you can put aside time for worshipping the God of Joy.

Hope to see you soon. Your brother in Christ,