Jesus is the King – Mark 11:1-25
28 November 2021

Jesus is the King – Mark 11:1-25

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Passage: Mark 11:1-25

Hi Mike,

Hope you are well this morning.

Yesterday we had a great day putting in our community garden, many thanks to those who braved the rain to do the work.

As we worked together it reminded me how any task is far more enjoyable when we do it with others. And this includes Sunday worship. We do want to continue to care for those who can't come to Church at present but don't forget it is much better when we do it together. So please see not coming to Church as a temporary situation.

We are not entirely sure how long we will continue to do our video service but at the moment we are thinking we will do it up to Christmas. It does take a number of people a lot of time to put it together and we want to give our key people a rest over the Christmas holidays after working so hard for us this year. But if you don't think you will be able to come back to Church by Christmas please let me know your situation. We really do want to support all our people through this difficult time. And if that means changing our plans, to help you, we are willing to do that.

So after all that, here is our worship service today. Hopefully it will be a blessing to you on video but you could be even more of a blessing to us if you were able to enjoy it with us at church this morning.

God Bless



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