How to have a good argument – Acts 15
6 November 2022

How to have a good argument – Acts 15


Everyone of us will find ourselves having arguments with other people - in our family, in our neighbourhood, at our work and even in the Church. But have you ever thought about how to have a good argument? It is not really about always winning. Nor is it about always giving in. It is about being firm on the important stuff and loving on everything else.

This morning at Church we are going to look at a chapter in the book of Acts where we see two major arguments. I hope that you will be able to join me as we open up God's word and see what it has to say on such a subject. And if you can't get there, here is the interactive service for you to use in its place. And if you do that? There will be no arguments from me!

Your brother in Christ,


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