Don’t waste a CRISIS!
31 May 2020

Don’t waste a CRISIS!

Passage: 1 Peter 4:1-19

It's great to have you with us this Sunday morning for worship.

Our theme today is "Don't waste this crisis!". This COVID-19 Crisis has been such a shock to us. It has changed everything for us over the past 2 months. And now we are beginning to make the first steps as a nation to recovery. But as we recover we want to use this time to learn some deep lessons.  We don't want this time to be a waste. Maybe we have learnt something about ourselves that we didn't know. Maybe we have made some changes to our routine that we want to keep. But maybe it is also a time to reconsider God's place in our lives also.

That's what this service is all about. Don't waste this crisis. I hope you enjoy your time with us today as we worship God - listen to him, learn from him, reach out to Him and rely upon Him.

God Bless


Interactive Service here - Sunday-Service-Interactive-May-31-2020

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