The Test – Mark 8
10 October 2021

The Test – Mark 8

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Passage: Mark 8:1-26

Hi Mike,

I hope you're looking forward to things opening up, and especially the Church opening up in the next few weeks. We will be starting services again when we reach 80% double vaccination rate (most probably on Sunday 31st October) and everyone will be able to join us. Please make this a priority if you possibly can. If you are feeling a bit hesitant about coming, please talk to Jon or I about it and we will let you know what we have put in place to make people as safe as they can be.

We are also planning a few social/community events when things open up. Pizza after Sunday @ 6 Church on 31st October, picnic lunch for all on Sunday 7th November and a welcome back carols event on Saturday 4th December - more details to come...

Please continue to pray that we might prioritise worship, community and safety in the days to come.

Your brother in Christ,


PS: Please note that there are only some videos that we have the copyright to use in a service like this. This means our selection of songs is quite limited. I am sorry that I can't include more hymns for example!

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