The Stranger’s Family
3 May 2020

The Stranger’s Family

Passage: 1 Peter 1:13-2:3

Welcome to our interactive service for Sunday 3rd May. As the weeks go on, we are finding ourselves in a new routine. I just want to encourage you to take the time to include the Lord in that new routine. Can you start each day with a Bible reading and prayer? Can you find time to read a Christian book? Have you set aside time every Sunday for the Church? Are you keeping in touch with people in the Church including those who are relatively new to us? How are you using this time to build relationships with non-Christians? Is there any way you could send Christian material to someone who is currently not a believer?

Yes, life is currently different to before, but maybe our walk with God could be better than before and this is the spark that is needed to get there.

Today we are looking at the fact that as Christians we have a new family. God is our father. Fellow Christians are our brothers and sisters and we are to be like new born babes and suckling on the word of God.

My prayer is that God's word contained in our service today will speak to our hearts and God's Spirit will bring the transformation in our hearts that we all need.

Your brother in Christ,




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