The One and the Many
4 October 2020

The One and the Many

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Passage: Romans 12:3-8, Psalm 133

For many of us this has been a year when our worlds have been turned upside down. We’re living in a new normal and we’ve re-evaluated and struggled to work out who we are, where we fit in and what we should be doing. In our families we each have a role to play, to give to each other, to support each other in different ways, depending on our gifts, so that we can grow together. Our workplaces and sporting teams all depend on us bringing our different skills and to work together as one for combined success.Paul writes that the church is one body and, no matter who we are, all the parts work together and belong to each other. It’s in the light of the gospel that we can work out our gifts of serving, teaching, encouraging, giving, leading or being merciful, amongst others. None of us exists outside of the body. No Christian is an unattached Christian. We are all members of each other, connected to each other with the purpose of serving each other. Last week we were reminded that we are to be living sacrifices. This morning, as Jon unpacks Romans 12:3-8,
we’ll be challenged to consider how we live that out. Where, in the light of the gospel, do we fit in? What
are our gifts? And how do we use them to act together as one body, joyfully serving and supporting each

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