Revelation 3:1-6 – Sardis & Revelation 3:7-13 – Philadelphia
27 February 2022

Revelation 3:1-6 – Sardis & Revelation 3:7-13 – Philadelphia

Passage: Revelation 3:1-13


This Sunday sees the last of the COVID restrictions being lifted for the Church! We now are able to meet without capacity limits, QR codes and from last Friday face masks are now optional.

And from next Sunday we will celebrate this fact by going back to one AM Service @ 9:45am - so that should be a wonderful time for us all to gather together as one Church family and thank God for his goodness to us over the past 2 years. Please make it for this service of worship and the BBQ afterwards, if you possibly can!

In the meantime, if you are unable to come to Church today here is the interactive service that has been prepared for you.  We hope and pray it is an encouragement to you to continue to keep the worship of our great God at the centre of all that you do.

Your brother in Christ


Talk 1

Talk 2

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