Life Isn’t Fair
26 July 2020

Life Isn’t Fair

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Passage: Job 1-2

Life’s not fair. How old were you when you first heard that? Was it one of the first lessons you learnt, and have you passed it on to your own children? We often feel that life isn’t fair, that we don’t get the good things we deserve & others don’t receive the same punishment that we suffer.

Well, if anyone had cause to complain that life wasn’t fair, it was Job. His life was turned upside down, he suffers tremendous hardships even though God considers him blameless.  As we look at Job we’ll start to see that it’s not about the fairness or unfairness of life but how we react who we look to for strength in those times when all we can see is that “life’s not fair”.

How should we cope with living in a world of unjust suffering? Job finishes this chapter by saying; "The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.”  Can we do the same? Can we find blessing in knowing God even in the midst of terrible suffering and loss? My hope is that through trusting Jesus - who suffered to take our curse in order to show us the greatest mercy - we can.

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