Just Justice (Revelation 15-16)
28 August 2022

Just Justice (Revelation 15-16)

Passage: Revelation 15:1-16:21

How are you going with the book of Revelation? Has it inspired you? Frightened you? Challenged you? Comforted you? Or is it all of the above? What we are finding is the book of Revelation is the gospel put on a very large screen. It shows us  creation/ sin/ salvation/ judgement/ Lords return and it calls us to respond - not to ignore the call of God in our lives but instead to trust in Jesus..

Today we come to the concept of Justice. How God will give people exactly what they deserve. But if you are like me, I like the concept of justice when it comes to others but when it comes to myself, I would much prefer mercy over justice. Today's passage offers us that choice. Justice or Mercy and it all depends upon our relationship with Jesus.

I hope you can join me today in person but if you can't, here's an interactive service to help you worship God.

Your brother in Christ,


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