God’s Special Building Project
10 May 2020

God’s Special Building Project

Passage: 1 Peter 2:4-10

I woke up this morning to hear the good news that some of the restrictions concerning religious services have been relaxed and that the NSW government is allowing meetings of up to 10 people from Friday. This is the first step on a long road back to a new normal. It will mean that some of our small groups will be able to meet together. Session has already discussed this likelihood and in the coming week will set up both the hall and the Church so that small groups can meet there according to strict physical distancing. More details will follow by the end of the week.

I know that this Mother's Day will be different from almost any other Mother's Day we have experienced in the past. My prayer is that as we all come to our Father God in worship, aware that at the same time our brothers and sisters in the Lord are also praying to the Lord, singing praises to Him and listening to His word that we might be thankful for the mothers that we have/had as well as rejoice in those who have mothered us throughout the years. Hopefully this will enable us to approach this day with the gratitude we need to express that thanks in an appropriate way this Sunday.

Grace and peace



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