Appearances Can Be Deceptive!
1 March 2020

Appearances Can Be Deceptive!

Series: ,
Passage: Mark 3:7-35

Appearance can be deceptive. Not everyone who looks like a Christian, acts like a Christian or come from a Christian is a true follower of Jesus. In Mark 3, Jesus came across crowds that flocked to see him, voices that proclaimed who he was, disciples who were willing to follow him, teachers who knew their bible and even family members and they all looked like they were followers of Jesus but many of them weren’t. This is a reality check for us. Are we really following Jesus or does it just look like it?


Appearances can be deceptive!

  1. Crowds (verses 7-10)
  2. Confessors (verses 11-12)
  3. Disciples (verses 13-19)
  4. Teachers (verses 22-30)
  5. Family (verses 20-21, 31-35)

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